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TED_Day 2

Inspiring second day. Freedom, privacy, transparency have been in the center of a couple of very good talks. Malte Spitz who went to court to obtain the information that his cell phone operator,┬áDeutsche Telekom, gathered (and kept) about his activity and, after to get them, he shared this data mapping his movements, calls, sms… over those six month.

Gabriella Coleman uses ethnographic approaches to study online communities, hacker culture, and digital political activism. Very interesting her focus on the Anonymous movement.

Impressive reality the ones described and lived by Neil Harbisson who, born with the inability to see color, implant in his nape a prosthetic device that allows him to hear the spectrum, even those colors beyond the range of human sight.

During the session 7, dedicated to Long Term thinking, the NASA BioFuel project, explained by Jonathan Trent, caught my attention and enlightened a bit my pessimistic vision of the future (anyway I’m still convinced, as Thackare’s In the bubble, we can’t count just on technology…a little human effort is required).

About Globality I enjoyed the talk by Robert Neuwirth about Informal economy.

Neil Harbisson and his cyborg device.

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